Month: March 2019

What is HDFS? An Introduction to HDFS

Hadoop is a critical big data framework, which has now been implemented in thousands of organisations. Hadoop frameworks make big data analytics easier, which is important since a large number of organisations today use data analytics in order to generate insights into how they should function to be better. HDFS or Hadoop Distributed File System … Continue reading What is HDFS? An Introduction to HDFS

Hadoop High Availability – HDFS Feature

1. Overview In this Hadoop tutorial, we will discuss the Hadoop High Availability feature. The tutorial covers an introduction to Hadoop High Availability, how high availability is achieved in Hadoop, what were the issues in legacy systems, and examples of High Availability in Hadoop. 2. Hadoop HDFS High Availability – Introduction Hadoop High Availability HDFS … Continue reading Hadoop High Availability – HDFS Feature